Missing the Olden Days Memories.



I Love Allah, I Adore Rasul.

Writing back after digging into a lot of effort.. huh... what a word.. nevermind..=)
What's that olden days all about eh? hmm... such a memories... sweet and sour mamories which complete parts of my life as a calliph... Alhamdulillah

Not everyone knows, because I'm not telling, but somehow, some people are very clever in peaking into someone memories hihihi... ok, enough...

I really miss all of it. Let's just the pictures do the talking eh.. okay..

 The best place to play is this. The biggest park I've ever met. Kalau berdiri di paling atas, boleh nampak rumah sy dekat bawah nun dan boleh melihat part of the city clearly. More and more, when its snowing, the whole park covered in white. The beauty of Allah. The best part here when its snowing, especially the place shown above, turun bukit tu guna sledge ke guna plastik ke, masyaAllah.... sgt best... lepas tu kalau nak naik pulak mmg bercinta laa... =p The best memory with this park is, every cold morning, I've to walked through the park to school. Every morning, as I walked through the park, I was greet by those small white rabbits n squirrels. They're so cute and goergeous, seeing those white rabbits running with their friends happily through the bushes and flowers... oh2... I felt so blessed... =) Bila lagi sy boleh jalan-jalan disini? =)

 This is Somerfield. About 10 minutes walking from my house. The best part I loike the most about Somerfield are their breads and buns. Of course the one suitable for vegetarian. The taste is awesome.

ASDA Price ting ting ting. Haha. Okay. ASDA is just the best ever. Better and ever better than TESCO. hoho... Okay, I'm telling the truth. Here at ASDA, you can still find grocers price still in penny, like flour, sugar, they cost for about 40 pence like 40 sen gitu, but when you convert to Malaysian ringgit, you wont be able to get the price in sen anymore hokay...=p ASDA is about 10 minutes by car or by bus, but about 20 minutes walking hihi =) I like almost everything at ASDA especially the babies stuff and the patisserie!!! oh my God...!! Gorgeous ever!! =) I love to see their fishes area. Cantik uollss... Depa letak fake flowers and grasses... huu... =)

I just miss this pathway very much. We have like one way system in our school, means that, no entry signs are everywhere around the school. Just like the one we see on the road. Meaning that you can't go that way. haha. Sometimes really annoyed me, especially when you're late to class already, then you just have to go all the way round, padahal kau punya kelas dkt sebelah tangga tu ja, tapi disebabkan kau tak boleh lalu ikut tangga tu, kau kena naik tangga lagi satu, hoho, jadi makin jauh la.. bebal ja rasa =)

Hmm... This is Farmfoods. Everything in Farmfoods are less than 5 Pound. Cheapest frozen food ever. They have varieties of pizzas. Just name it. =)

The outside view of part of my school. 

Our residential area. Kalau nak cerita pasal rumah, terlampau banyak. I just can't be bother to chat about it. hihi... boleh eh mcm tu... mesti la...sy punya cerita..=p

This is Mr.Smith. He's gone. Gone too soon. He's very 'daddy'ness teacher. I love him. He was the one who greet  me on the first day I'm at school.

If I'm not mistaken, this is Argyle Sreet. Heaven of shopping. I like Argyle St. because they have Argos. =)

This is George Square. Setiap kali christmas, suasananya mcm diatas lah. Ada ice-skating area dkt sebelah gelongsor yg tinggi tu. I pernah try uolls gelongsor tu, dia akan  bagi pelapik khas masa nak turun tu, tgk mcm ala2 budak2 ja kan, bila turun, rasa mcm nak terpelanting keluar je, punya la laju kan..=p

Ini Buchanan Street kut. =p

This is the hall of my school. Every ceremony was held here. I was once called out to be up there on the stage. I miss it.

This is our library. All Malaysians are librarians. haha. Budget ulat buku... tapi mmg budak Malaysia sgt rajin, compared to those whitish people. Hoho =)

This is Sauchiehall St. I love Sauchiehall St more than Argyle St because they have Primark. =p

Almost everyday like this. Apatah lagi bila Boxing day. Lagi dasyat.

The skating area at George Square.

This is the tallest cinema in Europe. Abah used to be working here, memenuhi masa lapang beliau.=) Kalau jalan ke depan dan lagi depan skit, ad satu uni called Caledonian Uni and some buildings belong to Strachclyde Uni.. Hmm... agaknya.. kalau UPSI mcm ni, mcm tgk tv pun ada kut budak2 UPSI =P

This is the main entrance of my school. Tak der pondok pak guard ye uoolls...=P

The inside of ASDA.

This is Glasgow. =)

That's All. I miss every single moment of me being there.

Thank you for lending your eyes reading.

"Dan Dia yang menghamparkan bumi dan menjadikan gunung-gunung dan sungai-sungai di atasnya. Dan padanya Dia menjadikan semua buah-buahan berpasang-pasangan; Dia menutupkan malam kepada siang. Sungguh, pada demikian itu terdapat tanda-tanda (kebesaran Allah) bagi orang-orang yang berfikir."’ ar-Ra’d:3

Thank you Allah for everything.

Firashatul Jannah.

p/s : nak berbisik dgn Niagara la pulak lepas ni =)
p/s : ab2 pisang, sila jgn nak tacing2 sbb tak tahu ye =p wekk

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Salam. Ni first time baca blog sis and saya suka. Dulu sis tinggal kat oversea ke? Saya nak tau ape beza sekolah kt sana dgn malaysia?tq

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